Safe Toys and Gifts Month

When buying toys for Christmas, remember these safety tips:
-Choose age-appropriate toys that match the child’s interests and abilities. Always read and heed the label to determine whether a toy is age-appropriate for the child.
Consider the ages of all the children in the household, as toys with small parts, projectiles, sharp edges and other hazards can harm the younger siblings.
-Get safety gear, including helmets, for scooters and other riding toys. Helmets should be worn properly at all times and be sized to fit.
-Keep small balls and toys with small parts away from children younger than age 3, as these are choking hazards. Supervise older children as deaths have occurred with small balls.
-Ensure high-powered magnets and button cell or coin batteries are kept away from young children who might mistakenly, or intentionally, swallow them, as these items pose ingestion hazards.
-Keep balloons away from children younger than 8 years old, especially latex balloons as they can present a choking hazard.
-Take note of safety warnings, information and labels.
-Properly dispose of thin plastic bags and packaging, as children can suffocate.
-Before purchasing a new or used toy, be sure the toy has not been banned or recalled. Consumers can check online at If possible, consumers should register the toy with the company after purchase, so they can receive recall notices directly from the company.